Takonkiet Viravan, Chief Executive Officer of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited Group, along with the management team such as Rafah Damrongchaitham, Nipon Pewnen, Dew Waratangtragoon, Unnop Senasuttipan, Somsri Pruitthiphan, Sataporn Panichraksapong, Saithip Montrikul Na Ayudhaya, Vorarit vijairanai organized the event "ONE 2023 Phenomenon" with Paiboon Damrongchaitham, Chairman of the Board of Directors of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited, honored to attend.

Channel ONE31 and GMM25 kick off with reporting the previous success in which to be on the top 2 television stations leader of Thailand as well as stand for no.1 growth story by reaching audience in every segment nationwide, more than 58 million people, representing 92% of Thai population with a variety of quality contents, to meet all lifestyles of viewers with comprehensive viewing channels both on-air and online. In the year 2022, ONE31 channel has created a phenomenon that reflects the potential for continuous development and growth. Currently ranking is no 2 during primetime and became a top 5 television station with the fastest growing, up 12% while other remaining players are unchanged. It is now the number 3 television station in Thailand. In addition, GMM25 channel is also received an overwhelming response. There was a 41% increase in the urban audience. Morever, ONE31 and GMM25 channels are still number 1 on all social media platforms that have the highest continuous growth such as YouTube, Facebook and TikTok. The GMM25 channel has 13,742,002,587 views and ONE31 channel has 23,807,206,768 views, which is the highest in the country. In addition, ONE31 channel is still being performed in the Top 3 group with the highest number of followers among entertainment group in Thailand. Anyway, not onty TV and Social media platform growth, OneD aaplication where cosumer can enjoy the content from both channels has over 13 million been downloaded. The viewing of growth rate is more than 3 times, the average viewing rate per user grew 220% with a maximum of 8 million users per month and has the highest daily user count of 1.4 million. All of this is a guarantee of the potential for continuous development of ONE31 and GMM25 channels that strive to create superior work to be always top of mind channel for consumer choice.

For the year 2023, both ONE31 and GMM25 channels emphasize strategy to reach consumer nationwide holistically including On air - Online - On application, with quality content, favoritie drama, series, variety show and news which are ready to be on the muiti screens.

  • Line up of Drama contents during primetime after the daily evening news "Manee-paya-bath" that has just been aired with high response in every Monday-Tuesday night at 8:30 p.m. Starring by New Thitiphumi, Bua Nalinthip, Ben Raviyanun. It is followed by a new Drama "Phra Nakhon 2410" from the "Por Dee Kham" studio starring by Sean Jindachot, Charlette Wasita, broadcast every night from Wednesday - Thursday at 20.30 pm, starting the first episode on Wednesday, February 8th. Then launch the big producing Drama content of the year by greatest of all time director San Srikaewlor,"Phanom Naka" starring by Tre Porapat, Green Atsadaporn then followed by modern affairs Drama "Rak..Raai” which included front line superstars of Thailand such as Mai Davika, Mew Supphasit, Jet Chetpipat, Lily Pantila and Mam Cattleya, directed by Pha-on Chandrasiri and written by Nepali. Moreover, another romantic Drama "Ton Raai Plai Rak" starring by Pong Nawat, Fern Nopjira, Ohm Atcha. Alongside with the primetime Drama, there will be more sets of drama content at 7 pm on channel one31 such as the number 1 rating musical drama "For Mother - Cannot Lose" starring Toy Pathompong, Pingping Nicha, Inter Rungrada, Zack Chum Phae, that is currently broadcasting with pitchfork rating in every Monday-Friday at 7:00 p.m., followed by action fantasy Drama "Golden Sticky Rice" as well as the hilarious Drama "Tam..Ya Bok".
  • Emphasize being the leader in variety show content with a popular public program like “The Golden Song stage -beautiful song- season 5 " that fills happiness for everyone in the country in every Sunday at 6:00 PM. After broadcasting just one week, it was received an excellent response with information confirmed by Nielsen 15+ that can sweep the rating in Bangkok up to 4.59 and the rating in Bangkok and other provinces (municipalities) at the number 3.48. It is the content that urban people viewed with the highest rate at 6pm on Sunday as well as creating strong rating for channel one31 continuously. It is along with “The Voice” which is soon to be ready for the fans. It is also including the surprising project of Yong Songyot, the producer behind the success of many programs, preparing to send "789 Survival" to search for 10 Idol survival contestants who are leading the team to bring all 22 TRAINEE children to show themselves until the stage is crowded that has a queue to be broadcasted soon on channel ONE31
  • Debut Series of the Year that was directed by "Takonkiat Viravan" series "Across The Sky-Lad Fah La Fhan" The Series brought together top singers from 3 popular stages: LAZiCON, The Golden Song and The Star idol to perform as a new group of rising stars from channel ONE31 such as Boss Bulset, Daimon Narakorn, Eun Fatima, Yai Mai Chinardee, Pleum Tayosthorn Na, Boom Thanat, U Thongchai, Off-Road Kantaphon, Ton Jinpop, Boom United States, Phum Phongratchata, Oh Nat Suttha, etc.
  • GMM TV - greatest of all time teenage content in Thailand- planned to broader the popularity to Asia and international level. It is led by Sathaporn Panichraksapong, planning to send a fun series to excite the fans "Midnight Museum" starring by Gun Atthaphan, Namtan Tipnaree and the Series "U.M.G. First love is gone-Who did you get? starring by Nonkornphat, Namtan Tipnaree, airing soon on GMM 25.
  • One News Agency, the gathering of 7 warriors of news reporter, is to capture nationwide movement throughout the day by Jud Thima, Young Anuwat, Jack Srisuphan, Joe Orachun, Reveal Weenarat, Noi Bancha, Nippon Nawanan and 2 rising stars, Champ Saranpat, Aofchai. Non.along together with ONE Entertainment Gossip News to report important news in all dimensions on the screen of ONE31 and GMM25 channels. "ONE 2023 Phenomena" on ONE31 and GMM25 channels that are packed with full creative contents including Drama, Series, variety show, news for all consumer segments and across platform with quality actors, both at the forefront of Thailand and new actors through the greatest of all time director of industry. This will definitely be a spice up for Thailand entertainment industry throughout the year 2023.