The One Enterprise Public Company Limited (ONEE) has its solid roots in being a Content Creator starting from the Exact Company Limited founded in 1991 by Khun Takonkiet Viravan. At that time, the Exact Company Limited rented airtime from the Royal Thai Army Radio and Television Channel 5 (TV5) and was a content producer for various television stations.

In 2013, the Company (formerly GMM HD Digital TV Trading Company Limited) was established by GMM Grammy Public Company Limited, as a shareholder in the proportion of 100%. The Company has participated in the bidding of digital television and rewarded a license from the Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) for Channel ONE 31. This is the starting footprint, where the Company has increased its capabilities from being the only content producer, to continue to be a fully integrated television media provider and respond to behavior of consumers in all channels.

ONEE operates its business as followed; Copyright management business, International copyright sales business, Media production and management business, Radio production business, Other related businesses.

Copyright Management Business

The Group of Company (ONEE) manages the copyright of which ONEE produce and own the programs by granting the distribution rights to those who wish to distribute them on their own channels. There are 2 types of distribution channels as followed;

Online Channels

Distribute the program through online channels that ONEE manage own account such as YouTube, Facebook.

OTT platform channels

Distribute the program through online channels managed by other service providers in Thailand, totaling 8 channels (OTT Platform), which are Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, iQIYI, WeTV, Viu, LINE TV, TRUE ID and AIS Play.

International Copyright Sales Business

The Group of Company (ONEE) grants the right to broadcast and contracts production for various programs and dramas to operators in other countries such as television stations or OTT platform that conduct business in abroad, for instance, TV Asahi, YOUKU and Tencent Video. As of June 30, 2021, ONEE broadcasts programs covering all 10 countries in the Southeast Asian Nations. and other regions such as China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Spain, as well as countries in North America, South America and Africa.

Media Production and Management Business

The Group of Companies (ONEE) broadcasts the programs produced on the ONE31 television station, which the station owned by ONEE, and contracts to produce programs and dramas for other television stations. In addition, ONEE acts as an operator and marketing agent of the channel GMM25 television station. ONEE’s revenue come from the sale of advertising time, public relations service, airtime rental and the co-production of drama and series to be published such as Wanthong, The Golden Song and 2togerther series.

Radio Production Business

The Group of Company (ONEE) operates the business of producing radio programs and online programs for broadcasting through radio frequency broadcasting with total of 3 websites and applications. Each of which are different in nature to reach and respond to the tastes and behaviors of various listeners. The lists are as follows: 1) Greenwave radio program 2) EFM radio program and 3) Chill Online radio program.

Event Business

The Group of Company (ONEE) operates the business of organizing events, which is an extension of the expertise in the creation of the show and the artist network. ONEE is the organizer of the event planning, recruiting artists and finding the venue. The event business generate revenue by selling event tickets and providing event-related PR materials. Examples of events organized by ONEE are meetings with artists (Fan Meetings), concerts.

Other Related Businesses

Artist management Business

ONEE operates an artist management business and being the center of communication and planning between artists and clients, who wish to hire artists. ONEE has more than 200 artists under the agency for example, “Pong Nawat”, “Bee Namthip”, “Pooh Krittin”, “Pavel Naret” and “Win Metawin”

Merchandising Business

ONEE is selling products related to programs or artists of under company’s umbrella. This is to build on the popularity of the program and artists. through main distribution channels that can support orders from both domestic and international customers.

Studio rental business

ONEE operates the business of providing rental services called ACTS studio, for venues for filming and organizing events such as advertisements, TV programs, movies and weddings to public. ACTS studio owns 9 studio buildings on an area of over 63 rai.