The One Enterprise Public Company Limited or “ONEE”, the leading content creator and fully integrated lifestyle entertainment, has released its quarterly financial report for the third quarter of 2023. ONEE reported a net profit of THB 153.5mn, representing a remarkable 26.8% growth compared to the previous quarter. Furthermore, the revenue generated in the 3-month period of the third quarter reached THB 1,736.7mn, marking a substantial increase of THB 151.4mn or 9.5% from the previous quarter and a growth of THB 109.2mn or 6.7% compared to the same period in the previous year.

The Company positioning itself as a comprehensive Entertainment & Lifestyle business with a strategic focus on content as the key driver for generating revenue across TV, Online, Copyright & Licensing, and Production Services.

The Company positions itself as a comprehensive Entertainment & Lifestyle business with a strategic focus on diversifying its revenue sources. In addition to advertising and public relations services and television advertising (TV Ads), the Company continues to emphasize the creation of high-quality content, which is a core element in generating revenue from TV, online, copyright & licensing, and production services. This includes an Idol Marketing strategy aimed at enhancing the market presence of both established artists and introducing new artists to the global market. These are the strengths of the Company group. "In the third quarter of 2023, the group of companies had standout sources of revenue, as follows:

• Concert organizing revenue saw remarkable growth, positioning us as industry leaders, reaffirming our strength in having a multitude of outstanding artists.

The revenue from concert organizing in this quarter experienced a remarkable leap, reaching THB 255.8mn, growing by a staggering 74.2% from the previous quarter and an impressive 49.5% compared to the same period last year. Notably, during this quarter, the Company organized standout concerts such as the “Gemini Fourth My Turn Concert” held at Impact Arena, which successfully sold tickets ranging from THB 1,200 to THB 7,500 for all seats in both showings. Additionally, tickets for this concert were also sold online.

Furthermore, "The Golden Song The Golden Show Concert" held at Muang Thai Rachadalai Theatre with ticket prices ranging from THB 1,000 to THB 7,000 witnessed full-seat sales for all five showings. Additionally, “the Very Thai Music Festival”, hosted at Orange Island Park in Changsha, China, contributed to the revenue.

Aside from concert-related revenue, the Company's Artist Management and Merchandising business, which includes artist-related memorabilia, also experienced significant growth. In this quarter, the Company's renowned idols, such as Jam & Film, Bright Narapat, Daou - Offroad, and others, enabled the Company to establish partnerships and engage with consumers across various target demographics, both domestically and internationally. Consequently, revenue from artist management amounted to THB 251.8mn, growing by 12.0% from the previous quarter and an impressive 49.3% from the same period in the previous year.

• Revenue from Copyright Management continued its consecutive growth, capturing the trends of the new consumer era by strategically allocating broadcasting time slots.

Copyright revenue reached THB 269.8mn, marking a significant growth of 24.4% compared to the previous quarter. This includes the sale of drama series licenses for broadcasting on various OTT platforms worldwide, as well as dynamic content management that aligns with consumer trends and broadcasting schedules across different channels, resulting in increased revenue from various content.

Popular series in this quarter include the massive hit " Phanom Naka" which aired on one31 and Netflix, as well as the series "Egnima - Man Magic Myth" and "Homeschool - Behind Bars" on GMM25 and Prime Video. The Company group continues to prioritize the production of premium-quality content to maximize satisfaction for partnerships and expand the viewer base further.

• Export to the world, exporting contents to international market

ONEE We are enhancing our capabilities with the 'Export to the World' strategy, which aims to create extensive opportunities and propel Thai content onto the global stage. Furthermore, the Company has ventured into international markets, expanding its content reach beyond the Asian continent. The Company has aggressively pursued global markets by broadening its content portfolio and artists' presence, making significant strides into North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Plans are also underway to further penetrate the youth demographic.

In the upcoming fourth quarter of 2023, the Company has an extensive lineup of compelling content scheduled for release across various time slots, covering both TV and online platforms. This includes dramas such as "Second Life," "VIP Love Secrets," and the inaugural series from CHANGE2561, "PIT BABE The Series," set to debut on November 17th at 9:15 PM on one31, with an uncut online version available on the iQIYI app and website. Additionally, a robust event business is tightly packed throughout the year, contributing to continuous revenue growth.

These growth figures underscore the efficient operational potential of The One Enterprise group, or “ONEE”, a premier content creator at the forefront of Thailand's entertainment industry. The Company diligently follows its core strategies, which include content creation, Idol Marketing, and Showbiz, catering comprehensively to consumers of all demographics and lifestyles, both domestically and internationally. These strategies serve as crucial assets, ensuring sustainable growth for The One Enterprise Plc."