The One Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Public Company) or "ONEE," Thailand's leading content creator and fully integrated lifestyle entertainment, has been awarded a 5-star rating or "Excellent CG Scoring" in the assessment of corporate governance for the year 2023 by the Thai Institute of Directors (Thai IOD) with support from the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

In the 2023 assessment of the Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies in 2023 or CGR 2023, a total of 782 listed companies took part. They were evaluated using the new, stricter criteria across four key categories: Category 1 - Shareholder Rights and Equitable Treatment, Category 2 - Stakeholder Consideration and Sustainable Business Development, Category 3 - Information Disclosure and Transparency, and Category 4 - Board of Directors' Responsibilities.

Takonkiet Viravan, the Group Chief Executive Officer of The One Enterprise Public Company Limited, expressed, "We are extremely proud that ONEE has achieved an Excellent CG Scoring for the first time. This reflects our commitment to operating and managing our business under excellent corporate governance, enabling us to cultivate stable and continuous growth. We hope that all stakeholders have confidence in ONEE's ongoing commitment to realizing its full potential, emerging as a premier content creator and fully integrated lifestyle entertainment provider in Thailand. We are dedicated to efficient management, ethical conduct, and transparent operations, all of which will play a vital role in nurturing the sustainable growth of The One Enterprise."